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Search Help

The search menu tool allows you to search for a provider.  This page offers a brief guide, without warranty, to search features and options.  Because it is only a brief guide, actual search results may sometimes differ.

How to Search

Enter a ZIP code or select a city.  If you're in the U.S.A. and know your ZIP code, you can enter it here.  If you're traveling about and either do not know your present ZIP code or you're outside the U.S.A., you can click the "select a city" link and you will be given an opportunity to select a city.

Location.  The box directly below the ZIP code will show you the location corresponding to the entered ZIP code or the selected city.

Find providers within ???? miles / kms.  Enter the number of miles (or kilometers) you're willing to travel to your provider.  If you're not willing to travel (e.g. you want the provider to come to you), enter 0.

How we use your ZIP code / city and distance:  Your search can look for a provider in two directions: (1) in the incall direction, for a provider you might be able to reach within your specified distance (measured as the crow flies); and (2) in the outcall direction, for a provider who might be willing to travel some other distance as specified by the provider.  If you might be within range in either direction (as the crow flies and without regard to other limitations), the provider's profile is considered a potential match.  However, distance may be measured from approximated locations as the crow flies and therefore actual distance if traveling by roads may be greater; and in cases where a provider is willing to travel, you might not be within the provider's actual service area, whether because the actual distance to you is too great or because of legal limitations or other reasons.

Incall & Outcalls.  Are you looking only for an incall provider (where you travel to the provider's location) or are you looking only for an outcall provider (where a provider travels to you), or are you looking for both incall & outcall opportunities?  Click the radio button accordingly.

Include virtual (online, phone) providers.  Some providers might offer their services virtually anywhere, either online, by phone, mail, etc.  You can include such "virtual" providers in your search by selecting this option.

Only profiles w/photos.  Not all providers have photos in their profiles.  If you only want to see profiles that have photos, check the box.

Show me just the photos, no description.  Check this box if you're only interested in a quick list (by photo) of provider profiles.  If you select this option, you can then click on a specific profile's photo to more fully view that provider's profile.

Look for.  If you have a special interest, you can search the provider database by keywords.  The returned results will include only those providers whose profiles contain ALL of the specified keywords.  Optionally, the keyword search will probe not only the provider's posted profile but any and all published reviews for the provider as well.

For example, if you enter the keywords "swedish shower", the retrieved results will include only those profiles containing both of the exact words "swedish" -and- "shower", but not necessarily the exact phrase "swedish shower".  Each occurrence of the individual specified keywords is counted and the retrieved results are ordered such that the most matched results (i.e. results with the highest keyword counts) may be listed first.

To improve search results, some common words (e.g. 'the', 'and', 'she', etc.) as well as single digits and single letters may be ignored.  Punctuation and any other special characters, including hyphens, may also be ignored.  For example, a search for "non standard", "non,standard" or "non-standard" may be treated as a search for "nonstandard", but a search for "standard" may return results containing "non-standard".

NOTE: Some providers might also make their profiles non-searchable if you search using particular words in the "Look For" field, and each provider can decide what those particular words are, if any.  The effect is that those providers' profiles will not match your search if you search for those particular words, not even if all those words actually appear in those providers' profiles, reviews or keywords.  To search for those providers' profiles, you might search instead for other words or else search without entering any words in the "Look for" field.

Search reviews for keywords too.  If this option is selected, keyword searches will extend to the provider's published reviews in addition to the provider's profile.

Favor newest.  (This option is available only if you're using a "Friends" token.)  If this option is selected, additional preference may be given to the newest providers and to those providers who have more recently updated their profile such that they may be listed ahead of some closer providers in your search results.

Once set, your options may generally remain in effect for all your subsequent searches until you change your options, or you exit your browser, disable cookies, or you walk away from your session for an extended period of time.

How Your Search Results Are Ordered

If your search is restricted to particular keywords, your results are primarily sorted by the decreasing frequency of those keywords in the providers' profiles/reviews, so that profiles with more keyword matches are generally presented above/before profiles with fewer keyword matches.  If two or more providers have equal keyword matching scores, the results are then further sorted by distance and "newness" as described next.

Your results are also sorted in relation to the distance you would need to travel to reach the provider such that providers closer to you (as the crow flies) are generally presented closer to the top of the list than those farther away.  For incalls, "providers closer to you" might mean less travel for you, although actual distance by road may be different.  However, for outcalls, a profile's position closer to the top of the list might only be indicative of the nature of outcall, i.e. that you would not need to travel to reach the provider because the provider, not you, would be traveling, (that is, if the provider ultimately decides that you're within the provider's actual service area and is willing to travel to you) and consequently may be ignoring any distance that the provider would need to travel to reach you and the complexities of whether you're actually within the provider's outcall service area.  When two or more providers are calculated to be approximately the same distance from/to you, a provider who has more recently updated his profile might appear ahead of others in the search results list.  If the option to "favor newest" providers is selected (an option only available with a Friends token), some degree of preference may be given to the newest providers and to providers who've more recently updated their profiles over closer providers.  And of course, providers who are paying subscribers may also receive premier positioning and rank, and potentially be listed before/ahead of some closer non-subscribing providers.

In summary, your search results might be generally sorted in the following order: keyword score (if keywords were specified), distance, newness.  Sorting preference may also be given to providers who are paying subscribers.  However, additional factors may exist, and your actual search results might sometimes differ.

Hidden Profiles

Hidden profiles. The person posting a profile generally chooses whether his/her profile is to be included in our web site's search results.  In some cases, a profile might not be displayed in our web site's search results but may be viewable by a direct URL link, by persons who know the profile's direct URL link (e.g. if the provider separately shares it).  In other cases, a provider may have hidden his/her profile so that it cannot be viewed at that time.  These are "hidden" profiles.

Your Location?

When you first visit our web site, an attempt may be made to prefill the Search location fields (ZIP code and/or city) for you based on your Internet Protocol ("IP") address / Internet routing information and/or other third-party data sources such as,, etc.  It is only a guess, which may or may not be successful.  As appropriate, please feel free to ignore this guess and to instead enter whatever city / ZIP you're interested in.

If you haven't already, please read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.


Provider information is Provider supplied. is an independent entity and is NOT a referral agency.  We do not endorse, verify, guarantee or warrant any Provider's claims, services or products.


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